DIY or Visit a Salon: How Can You Choose?

Having a grooming in the privacy of our homes is more comfortable. Thanks to a number of tutorials on the internet that provide all kinds of diy beauty treatments that can be done in your own home. Though the diy approach is easier, we feel confused about what to do and what not to do. Not everything can be done by yourselves. Some things require the professionalism of the experts. Mom & Me is the leading beauty salon in UAE that provides all types of beauty treatments. We provide you some guidelines on choosing a diy or a salon.


Waxing can be done in the comfort of our homes, if you want to wax easily accessible areas such as upper lips, legs, arms, etc. You should be careful to exfoliate your skin a few days before waxing. If you have to do waxing in hard to reach areas, it is better to visit a salon.

Manicure and Pedicure

If you are a person who has mastered the care of nails, you can easily opt for a diy manicure and pedicure. Market is now filled with numerous polishes previously available only in the parlours. Many products such as no-chip gels are available in the drugstores. We provide the best manicure in Dubai.We also provide top pedicure and other skin care treatments. Regular care is necessary to maintain healthy nails. Applying cuticle oil regularly can keep the nails healthy.

Bang Trimming

Even though trimming the overgrown bangs seems easy, it should not be done by you. According to the experts, trimming the bangs is more complicated than it seems. Thus it is necessary to visit a professional to trim your bangs.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be done effectively at home if you use a quality product and stick to the instructions correctly. Not all teeth whitening products are quality products. Thus it is necessary to choose wisely. When you buy a product, ensure that it contains a minimum of 7% hydrogen peroxide and your teeth make direct contact with the product. But if you want faster results and require pearl white teeth, it is better to see a professional. Being the leading beauty salon in UAE , we provide the best services to our clients.


It is advisable to visit a salon to shape your brows. Only experts know how to create a shape that best suits your face. Diy is challenging because according to the experts, you cannot see your entire face when you focus only on the eyebrows.

Hair Colouring

Many people feel that hair colouring is easy. But it can be quite confusing. A minor mistake may lead to some serious mismatch. It is recommended to visit an expert, especially when you require low lighting or highlighting. Along with professional hair colouring, we provide top hair treatment in Dubai . Even if you feel there is no time or fund to spend in a salon, consult with the experts in order to receive professional advice and recommendations.