Ladies Salon in Al-Karama

Ladies Salon in Al-Karama

Beauty comes from within- within the walls of a perfect salon. To feel beautiful and to look beautiful is the basic aim of people. Living a life to its fullest will also include living a life with confidence. Beauty gives you this confidence. Mom & Me, the elegant ladies salon in Al-Karama, offers you a wide variety of beauty services that can bring out the real beauty in you. Even though the availability of many beauty products in the market made DIY more common, visiting salons always have its own advantages. A salon grooming is associated with professionalism and perfection. Here we provide some services that the salons are worth visiting:

Shaping the Brows

Simple as it may seem, to achieve a wonderfully shaped eyebrow, you need to visit a salon. Some people may think it can be done at home by yourselves. But that’s not entirely true. You can definitely pull out some hair if there is heavy outgrowth, but in order to get the perfect shape and beautiful brows, an expert service should be chosen. Professional threading in Dubai is available at Mom&Me, ensuring a perfect shape for your eyebrows. There are even situations when people have accidentally shaved off a part of their eyebrows! Ladies, why take a chance when the salons can give you the best look at a comparatively cheaper price?

Trendy Hair Dyeing

In order to get the best results, you should definitely visit the salon. Especially if you are in need of trendy and complicated colouring such as dip-dyes or ombre style, it is advisable to seek professional help. The professional service will ensure that the shades are formulated in such a way that it does least damage to your hair. Our hair fall treatment in Dubai is notable for the best results. At salons, they also examine your hair to check its health. Moreover, you cannot see all your hair in your mirror and it restricts your ability to perfectly colour your own hair. Thus the finishing you get in a salon is definitely worth the amount.


We never want to get old. People seek to look young and beautiful. Microdermabrasion is recommended for such ladies who seek for beautiful skin that looks younger. This treatment is definitely going to give you a new and younger skin. The treatment aims to remove the dry and dead skin. This is done through an exfoliation cream which contains many micro crystals that are massaged into the face and then sucking out the crystals. This enables the skin to look smooth and fresh.

Chemical Straightening

Beauty treatments that contain the use of chemicals should never be tried at home. Being the top ladies salon in Dubai, our professional services are worth experiencing. Chemical treatment involves risk elements and therefore you should visit a salon to do chemical straightening. Chemicals coming in contact with the skin are sure to cause skin damage. The professionals will take care of that aspect along with providing you with the straight and shiny hair that you aspired for.